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What do you know about yogurt?

What do you know about yogurt?



At Green Mountain Creamery, we strive to balance a history of artisanal yogurt making with today’s newest technologies to create the ultimate dairy treat.

  • All Natural Nonfat Plain Greek
  • Greek Vanilla
  • Greek FOB Peach
  • Greek FOB Strawberry
  • Greek FOB Blueberry
  • Greek FOB Pineapple
  • Greek FOB Black Cherry
  • Greek Maple

Cabot_2011Logo (1)Cabot Creamery Cooperative’s Greek-Style Yogurt is a thick, creamy, decadent yogurt that is equally enjoyable by itself, as a rub, or as an ingredient in rich, creamy sauces, dips or main dishes.

  • Plain
  • Lowfat Plain
  • Lowfat Blueberry
  • Lowfat Vanilla Bean
  • Lowfat Strawberry
  • Lowfat Black Cherry
  • Lowfat Peach

A most versatile food

Deliciously creamy, smooth and good for you, yogurt is milk taken to a completely new level! We eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, just plain or with granola and fruit sprinkled on top, maybe a little jam stirred in or as a base for baking, cooking and condiments.

Greek Yogurt_kiyoshi_Togashi

Photo by artfulgourmetnyc, used under Creative Commons License

It’s hard to believe that yogurt has only been in this country for just over 100 years — we can’t imagine living without it! And what better way for farmers to add value to the wholesome milk they produce, giving us one more way to enjoy the benefits of dairy.

Our sponsors, Commonwealth Dairy’s Green Mountain Creamery and Cabot Creamery Cooperative, make award-winning yogurts in our Green Mountain State. Check out their websites for information on yogurt types and flavors, the benefits of eating yogurt as well as some great recipes!


Photo by ehpien, used under Creative Commons License