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In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to those who are most vulnerable in our community, the River Garden will be closed to the public until April 6th. At that time the staff will use the latest information from the Department of Health to determine if we should resume our regular open hours of Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cabin Fever Expo, which was scheduled for March 21st is postponed to a date to be determined. The Women's Expo, which was scheduled for May 1 is postponed to a date to be determined. We are also postponing all scheduled Brown Bag Lunch events until further notice. We will post a notification with the new date details as soon as possible.
Please remember to keep yourself and others safe by staying home if you have any cold or flu symptoms. Visit or for more information.

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Heifer Tips

logoWisdom from the heifers (as chronicled weekly in The Commons):

Heifer Tip #1: When you buy local food, you’re helping to keeps local farms healthy and creating local jobs at farms and in local food processing and distribution systems.

Heifer Tip #2: When you spend your food dollars at local farms and food producers, that money stays in the local economy, creating more jobs at other local businesses.

Heifer Tip #3: The local food you buy has traveled much less distance to market than typical fresh or processed grocery store foods, therefore using less fuel and generating fewer greenhouse gases.

Heifer Tip #4: When you buy local food, there’s less waste. Because of the shorter distribution chains for local foods, less food is wasted in distribution, warehousing and merchandising. Less waste is better for the earth!

Heifer Tip #5: The local food you buy is fresher, healthier and tastes better, because it spends less time in transit from farm to plate, and therefore loses fewer nutrients and incurs less spoilage.

Heifer Tip #6: When you commit to buy more local food, you’ll discover interesting new foods, tasty new ways to prepare food, and a new appreciation of the pleasure of each season’s foods.

Heifer Tip #7: When you buy local food, you are encouraging diversification of local agriculture, which reduces the reliance on monoculture — single crops grown over a wide area to the detriment of soils.

Heifer Tip #8: When you buy local food, you’re helping to preserve open space: Buying local food helps local farms survive and thrive, keeping land from being redeveloped into suburban sprawl.

Heifer Tip #9: When you buy local food, you’re strengthening your community. Local foods create more vibrant communities by connecting people with the farmers and food producers who bring them healthy local foods. As customers of CSAs and farmers markets have discovered, they are great places to meet and connect with friends as well as farmers!