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Neighborhood Energy Science Fair

LightMotionCalling all students, grades 5-12!

Introducing the first Neighborhood Energy Science Fair!   Strolling of the Heifers wants to hear about energy problems that interest you and then hear how you might solve them!  If you are chosen as a finalist, you will compete for cash prizes under the Energy Pavilion as part of our 2014 Slow Living Expo on Saturday, June 7, 2014!

ToasterExExplore your house, your neighborhood, your school or another place you’re familiar with, and look for energy saving projects, possible experiments or energy issues to research. You can do an actual experiment, a community energy project, or learn about and demonstrate an energy technology. Each project will need a model, demonstration, and visual such as a poster or video to display.

Do some hands-on science – design an experiment to compare how different materials transmit heat or resist heat loss. Create an energy conservation plan, and collect data to assess its effectiveness. Use a Watt Meter and light meter to test the efficiency of different types of light bulbs. You could create an exhibit that helps explain an energy topic to others — How does a solar cell actually work? How does a heat pump work?

There will be four divisions:   

  • Junior Individual (5th through 8th grades)
  • Junior Team (5th through 8th grades) 
  • Senior Individual (9th through 12th grades) 
  • Senior Team (9th through 12th grades) 

Registration fees: Individual: $5 — Team: $15. (Or click “Scholarship request” in the registration form.)


Preview and Check-in: On Sunday, May 4,  bring your ideas and plan of what you’d like to present to The River Garden, 157 Main Street, Brattleboro for a Preview and Check-in.  Vermont Energy Education Program’s Southern Vermont educator, Lisa Holderness and other science professionals will be on hand to take a look at what you have put together, make suggestions and offer advice!  Strolling of the Heifer staff will also be there to answer general questions about the contest.

Registration remains OPEN after the check-in.

Then, get ready for the finals on Saturday, June 7 at the Slow Living Expo!

PRIZES in each division:

  • 1st Place $100
  • 2nd Place $50
  • 3rd Place $ 25

So put on your thinking caps, look around, ask questions and investigate the exciting world of energy!  We can’t wait to see what you show us!

Presenting sponsor:


Sponsor: VEEP

To get started, fill out the registration form below.

For team registrations, please click through to our team registration page

PLEASE CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON ONLY ONCE! If “Submit” returns you to this same page, please review the form to be sure all required fields were completed. Your application is NOT complete until you receive a confirmation email.

Photos by Christian Howd and Bart Hanlon, used under Creative Commons License