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Strolling of the Heifers, Inc. new Agritech Institute for Small Farms. Read the statement of the Board here.

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Jennie Reichman, singer-songwriter, performing 7/14 at the River Garden

jennie-reichmanSinger-songwriter Jennie Reichman performs intimate, incisive songs that draw inspiration from life’s challenges and small triumphs. Her deft, finger-style guitar playing, warm voice and heartfelt lyrics create an atmosphere at once enlivening and calming, inviting listeners to plumb the depths of their own emotions.  She grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has moved steadily east over her lifetime, calling Vermont home since 1994. Many of her songs describe relationship to place and the power of places and people to sculpt our lives. Jennie has recorded one CD, Storm in the Distance, and is at work on her second. She performs both as a solo artist and with fellow musician Jonny Sheehan. Calendar info