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Strolling of the Heifers, Inc. new Agritech Institute for Small Farms. Read the statement of the Board here.

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Goat Olympics!

Goat Olympics!

GoatOlympicsOne of the most popular parts of the Slow Living Expo is our annual Goat Olympics, in which young goats from Adams Farm in Wilmington, VT race each other to be the first to their feeding bowls.

For each race, the public is invited to place bets! Just like the horse races, you can bet on your favorite goat to win, place or show. There’s even a trifecta option in which you predict the first, second and third place goats in order.

Winners will receive coupons that are good for merchandise at the Strolling of the Heifers tent — and all bettors will be entered into a grand prize drawing if they turn in their name and email address on their betting slip.

Come watch the fun, and place your bets!