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After careful analysis and consideration, the Board of Directors of Strolling of the Heifers, Inc. has taken action to suspend all programs. Read the Board's statement here.

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Business Plan Competition — past winners

2014: No competition was held


Statewide Vermont Farm/Food Competition presented in collaboration by Strolling of the Heifers and Vermont Technical College.

New Business category:

  • First Place, Robbins Mountain Enterprise (Gabriel O’Malley)
  • Second Place: Mosaic Organic (Bonnie Paris)
  • Third Place: Terra Funga (Peter Winslow)
  • Runner-up: Whole Fire Farm (Susan Monahan)
  • Runner-up: Will Aldrich.

Existing Business category:

Student category:

  • First Place, Connor Killigrew
  • Second Place, Meg Urie
  • Third Place, AnnaJo Smith


Lucas Farrell & Louisa Conrad of Big Picture Farm — winners of the Stroll's Competition, and gold medalists (for best confection) at the 2012 sofi Summer Fancy Food Show

Lucas Farrell & Louisa Conrad of Big Picture Farm — winners of the Stroll’s 2011 Competition, and gold medalists (for best confection) at the 2012 sofi Summer Fancy Food Show

General Division, sponsored by Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC):

New Business category:

  • First Place: Sunny Lane Daycare Center (Tina Bills)
  • Second Place: A Modern Sweep (Mark Gunkel)
  • Runner-up: ArtsXchange (Stephen Dybas)
  • Runner-up: Buddha Bella (Casey Nelson)
  • Runner-up: Codewryter Web & Video (Marjorie Ray)

Existing Business category:

  • First Place: Iron Arts (James Takaki)
  • Second Place: Vermont Artisan Designs (Greg Worden)
  • Runner-up: Dan Healey Forest Works (Dan Healey)
  • Runner-up: Venus of Vermont (Sherilee Backman)
  • Runner-up: Walker & Company Roofing and Construction

Farm/Food Division (two competitions — one in Windham County and a second in Central Vermont as a collaboration with Vermont Technical College):

Windham Regional Farm/Food Business Plan Competition:

New Business category:

  • First Place: The Gleanery (Elizabeth Ehrenberg, Ismail Samad, Alice James
  • Second Place: Whetstone Station (Timothy Brady, Amy Brady, David Hiler)
  • Runner-up: Alpineglo Farm (Rachel Ware),
  • Runner-up: Harmony Circle Farm (Annie and Robert DeCoteau)
  • Runner-up: Alabaster’s Alliums (Chance McNiff)

Existing Business category

  • First Place: Deer Ridge Farm (Lisa Holderness and Jerry Smith)
  • Second Place: Flat Street Pub (Chris McInerney)
  • Runner-up: Robb Family Farm (Charlie Robb, Jr.)
  • Runner-up: Seitanic Kitchens (Luis Osório Torres)

Vermont Tech Farm/Food Business Plan Competition:

New Business category:

Existing Business category:


Strolling of the Heifers Farm/Food Division, New Businesses:

  • First Place: Big Picture Farm (Lucas Farrell and Louisa Conrad, Townshend)
  • Second Place: Whetstone Cider Works, LLC (Jason and Lauren MacArthur, Marlboro)
  • Runner up: Entera Artisanal Catering (Tristan Toleno, Brattleboro)
  • Runner up: Just Pies (Andrea Weisman, Brattleboro)
  • Runner up: The Fox Stop (Cindy Logan, Red Fox Inn, Bondville)

Strolling of the Heifers Farm/Food Division, Existing Businesses:

  • First Place:  Side Hill Farm (Kelt and Kristina Naylor)
  • Second Place: High Meadows Farm’s “Good Roots” (Howard Prussack)
  • Runner up: Downstreet Café (Adreana Porteur, Bellows Falls)
  • Runner up: New Leaf CSA (Elizabeth Wood, Dummerston)
  • Runner up: Putney Mountain Winery (Kate and Charles Dodge, Putney)

BDCC General Division, Existing Businesses:

  • First Place: Pinewood TMS, LLC (Julie Plummer, Newfane)
  • Second Place: Student Cultural Exchange, LLC (Peter and Jesse Friedman)
  • Runner up: Muse Tec (Daniel Kasnitz)
  • Runner up: Next Step Sustainable Business Consultancy (Ben Griffin and Bonnie Sigwalt)
  • Runner up: Rock River Studio (Christine Triebert)

BDCC General Division, Existing Businesses:

  • First Place: Laura Zindel Design (Laura Zindel and Thorsten Lauterbach)
  • Second Place: Saxtons River Distillery, LLC (Christian Stromberg)
  • Runner-up: Dreamcatcher Entertainment (Bill Forchion)
  • Runner-up: Kaye Audio, Inc. (George Kaye)
  • Runner up: Spirit Hill Farm Back Roads Granola (Virginia and Peter Vogel)

2010: No competition was held


(no separate Farm/Food and General Divisions)

New businesses:

  • First Place (tie): Vermont Slate (Michael Sullivan)
  • First Place (tie): Vermont Stone Composite (Peter Welch, Tyler Mass)
  • First Place (tie): Concrete Detail (Rich Holschuh)
  • Runner up: Cedar Satyr (Bingo Granola) (Lisa Kuneman)
  • Runner up: Moscode (George Kaye and Gage Rommel)
  • Runner up: Everyone’s Drumming (Nathaniel Hall)
  • Runner up: The Timber Frame Shop (Monica MacNeille)

Existing Businesses:

  • First Place (tie): Bryan Louisell Design
  • First Place (tie): Wahoo’s (Adam Grinold)
  • Runner up: Guitar for Adult Beginners (Lisa McCormick)
  • Runner up: DC Design (Dede Cummings)
  • Runner up: Thyme To Cook
  • Runner up: English CPO (Eric Strickland_


(no Farm/Food and General Divisions)

New Businesses:

  • First Place: Vermont Distillers (Ed Metcalfe)
  • Runner up: Windham Country Magazine (Lynn Barrett)
  • Runner up: V-SIMPL (Tyler Mass)
  • Runner up: The Timberframe Shop (Monica MacNeill)
  • Runner up: AMPress (Archer Mayor)

Existing Businesses:

  • First Place: Grafton Fibers (Tom and Linda Diak)
  • Runner up: Ironwood Branch (Eli Gould)
  • Runner up: Moscode (George Kaye and Gage Rommel)
  • Runner up: Big Wally’s Adhesives (Laurie Kienkel and Rory Brennan)
  • Runner up: TrueVector Technology (Mark Spivak)


New Businesses:

  • First Place: Engineered Stone (Matthew Murano)
  • Runner up: Advanced Support Systems (James Hickok)
  • Runner up: Mobile Meat Makers (Elliot Morse)
  • Runner up: Vermont Distillers (Ed Metcalfe)

Existing Businesses:

  • First Place: Fulcrum Arts (Randi Solin)
  • Runner up: High Meadows Farm (Howard Prussack)
  • Runner up: Putney Winery (Kate Dodge)
  • Runner up: Moscode (George Kaye and Gage Rommel)


There was only a single category in this first year of the competition organized by BDCC, without distinctions between new and existing enterprises.

  • First Place: Nimble Arts Trapeze and Circus School (now New England School for Circus Arts)
  • Runner up: Ironwood Brand (Eli Gould)
  • Runner up: Children’s Music Hall of Fame (Bill Schontz)
  • Runner up: OK Tool (Robert Morris and Fred Bullard)
  • Runner up: Solinglass (Randi Solin)
  • Runner up: Against the Grain Gourmet (Tom and Nancy Cain)
  • Runner up: Vermont Woods Studio (Peggy Farabaugh)