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Bread recipe competition alternative entry form

Please use this form only if you have been authorized to do so by Martin Langeveld.

2017 Bread Baking Competition - Alternative

  • This competition is restricted to amateur bakers as defined in the rules. No professionals, please. Student entries including culinary students are encouraged. Kindly confirm that you are an amateur baker.
  • If you wish to upload your recipe rather than filling in the fields below, you may do so. If uploading, BE SURE to follow the recipe format specified in the questions below. And, if uploading, enter "N/A" in the required recipe fields below, or the "submit" button will not work for you. Also, BE SURE to provide the required recipe story below.
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf.
  • Please indicate the quantity this recipe creates — how many loaves, of what size? (Specify pan or sheet size in inches.)
  • Please list your ingredients. Use standard abbreviations, or spelling everything out. Standard abbreviations are: tsp = teaspoon; Tbsp = tablespoon; c = cup, oz = ounce, pt = pint; qt = quart; gal = gallon; lb = pound. Please list each ingredient on a new line.
  • Using numbered steps, please describe the preparation of your recipe. Be sure to include rising times (if applicable), temperatures and baking times.
  • If you created it, what inspired you? Or is it a recipe handed down in the family? If so, how have you adapted it? Was it a secret pried from a relative? Do you serve it on any special occasions?
  • This should be a good quality, unmodified color photograph, in JPG or PNG format, at least 800 pixels in width, of the finished bread, shown on a neutral background such as a breadboard or plain tablecloth, without any extraneous ingredients such as butter, other toppings or decorative materials. The photo should show one entire loaf with one or more slices cut from the end and a clear view of the interior. Maximum uploadable file size is 2 MB.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.
  • Please upload a good quality unmodified color photograph, in JPG or PNG format, showing the bag or box of King Arthur Flour and the package or jar of Red Star ® Yeast, both in the variety used in the recipe.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.