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In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to those who are most vulnerable in our community, the River Garden will be closed to the public until April 6th. At that time the staff will use the latest information from the Department of Health to determine if we should resume our regular open hours of Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cabin Fever Expo, which was scheduled for March 21st is postponed to a date to be determined. The Women's Expo, which was scheduled for May 1 is postponed to a date to be determined. We are also postponing all scheduled Brown Bag Lunch events until further notice. We will post a notification with the new date details as soon as possible.
Please remember to keep yourself and others safe by staying home if you have any cold or flu symptoms. Visit or for more information.

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Brattleboro-West Arts offers “Harmony: Health” art exhibit at BMH

Brattleboro-West Arts offers “Harmony: Health” art exhibit at BMH

Hooked and braided wall piece by Kris McDermet

Hooked and braided wall piece by Kris McDermet

Brattleboro-West Arts members are collaborating with Strolling of the Heifers to present an art exhibit entitled “Harmony: Health” in the hallways of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, beginning on Friday, December 5.

Expanding on the agricultural themes featured in two shows presented by the organizations last summer, the artwork will explore pathways to better health including spiritual pursuit, engagement with the natural world, and through local agriculture.

All of the works are for sale, and proceeds will benefit Strolling of the Heifers as well as the artists.

New artists from BWA are included, and the artworks range from the representational to the abstract, from farms depicted in clay and barn boards to fabric pieces inspired by a local labyrinth and microscopic photography of the human body.

“Harmony: Health” will hang in the corridor connecting the main entrance of the hospital with the Richards Building through the spring. It offers a chance to contemplate health from the varied perspectives and through the multiple media of Brattleboro-West artists.

Participating artists include Jackie Abrams, Maisie Crowther, Karen Kamenetzky, Ron Karpius, Naomi Lindenfeld, Steve Lloyd, Kris McDermet, Sharon Myers, Gene Parulis, Janet Picard, and Walter Slowinski.

The artists hope their work will inspire dialogue among patients, staff and visitors and contribute to the caring atmosphere at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

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