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Brattleboro Memorial Hospital features Stroll exhibit by Southern Vermont Pastel Artists

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital features Stroll exhibit by Southern Vermont Pastel Artists

This winter, the hallways at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital are enlivened by Pastel Plus, an exhibit of works by Southern Vermont Pastel Artists — Maggie F. Smith, Carol Stephens, Deedee Jones and Pat McPike. All four are local artists who have worked, painted, and enjoyed art together.

The show will remain on view through June, 2016. It consists of mostly pastel works, plus a few oil paintings. With a few exceptions, the works are for sale, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Strolling of the Heifers.

More about the artists:

Deedee Jones has been involved in artistic endeavors for as long as she can remember.  After her children were mostly grown, she began taking classes at the River Gallery School in Brattleboro where she quickly fell in love with pastels.  She has almost exclusively painted in pastels for the past 11-12 years with a few diversions in watercolor.  Pastel offers the perfect medium to achieve the rich color and excitement that she wishes to achieve in her landscape paintings. (Contact Deedee at

Pastel by Deedee Jones

“Upland Stream” — pastel by Deedee Jones

Many years ago Pat McPike inherited her love of art from her mother who gave her drawing lessons at the kitchen table.  To this day it is creating art that provides joy, comfort, inspiration and magic in her life.  Although she has worked in water colors, oils and acrylics, currently pastels are her favorite medium, presenting the vast possibilities of pastel painting including rich, pure, vibrant colors and many creative techniques. Pat is particularly passionate about trying to evoke emotion through her art.  (Contact Pat at her website  or email her at

Lupine Field

“Lupine Field” — pastel by Patricia McPike

Maggie Fountain Smith teaches French at the School for International Training Graduate Institute in Brattleboro. She has taught French and music in the area for over 25 years. She began studying watercolor painting with Karen Becker, switching to pastels after attending a workshop with Robert Carsten. She has taken numerous workshops with him and other New England pastelists. She has also taken several art courses at CCV and the River Gallery School. (Contact Maggie at

"The Swimming Hole" — pastel by Maggie Smith

“The Swimming Hole” — pastel by Maggie Fountain Smith

"One more for the road?" — pastel by Carol Stephens

“Just one more for the road?” — pastel by Carol Stephens

Carol Stephens has been involved in the arts throughout her career; in the graphic arts, illustration, heraldry, teaching, and book design. After retirement she returned to her first love, painting. She has successfully shown her works in Oil, Pastel and Acrylic paintings throughout Southern Vermont. She graduated from the Arts College of Syracuse University, and studied further at Pratt Institute and NYU.  She continues her education and experimentation at the River Gallery School in Brattleboro. (Carol can be reached at