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Strolling of the Heifers, Inc. new Agritech Institute for Small Farms. Read the statement of the Board here.

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2019 Stroll Weekend Entertainers

2019 Stroll Weekend Entertainers

Here are details about our 2019 entertainers. Check out the entertainment schedule here!

BUHS Jazz Band

The BUHS Jazz Band is an 18-member jazz big band – one of two jazz ensembles connected to the high school music department. The band’s primary function is educational, focusing on gaining an understanding of jazz styles and improvisation.





Celebration Brass Band

The Celebration Brass Band of VT is Southern VT’s signature ensemble for the distinctively vibrant music that we know as the New Orleans Brass Band sound!

Since 2009, under the leadership of New Orleans native Peter Simoneaux, the Celebration Brass Band of Southern VT has become familiar to Brattleboro area audiences through their performances at numerous Gallery Walks, the Strolling of the Heifers, 4th of July parades, and a host of other local community events. With band founder Simoneaux on bass drum and vocals, CBB features a dynamic cast of Brattleboro area musicians including co-directors Walter Slowinski and Ron Kelley on reeds, Chuck Ober and Dan DeWalt on trombones, Anders Burrows on trumpet, Tim Ellis and Linda Simoneaux alternating on sousaphone, vocals and parade marshal, Stephen Voorhees on snare drum, as well as various associate members, such as Julian Gerstin on percussion.

Traditionally, since the late 1800s, New Orleans Brass Band music has been the music of jazz funerals and street parades in New Orleans, the style that gave birth to the careers of Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, and countless other musicians who have helped define the history of Jazz. Over the past 25 years, the New Orleans brass band revival has exploded in popularity, to the point where it has become the dominant musical force in the city, embracing both tradition and innovation, old forms and new. It is the mission of the Celebration Brass Band to bring this joy & energy to weddings, funerals, and other private & public functions throughout northern New England, to represent both the traditional and contemporary strains of the New Orleans brass band sound, and to discover the common threads between the New Orleans brass band genre, and those of modern jazz, and the wider Afro-Creole musical diaspora.

Debbie and the Downers

A positive melding of feminist country and contemporary pop music with Jazz groove. Original songs and musical influences include Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Jefferson Airship, Lady Gaga and much more.



The Full Catastrophe

Laurie Indenbaum – fiddle
Andy Davis – accordion
Jim Fownes – piano

“The Full Catastrophe” plays New England traditional dance music. Andy Davis, Laurie Indenbaum and Jim Fownes perform the lively music found at a New England contra dance. Jigs, reels, waltzes and polkas drawn from the French Canadian, Irish and Scottish roots Vermont dance traditions. Laurie on fiddle, Andy on accordion and Jim on piano have many decades of experience in town halls, granges, schools and camps playing for country dances. The three musicians will be sharing some of the local tunes that characterize a Vermont contra dance. Who knows, some dancing could even break out! Our name comes from an off-hand remark in the film Zorba the Greek when Zorba lovingly refers to family life as, ‘the full catastrophe’.

Fly Boy MyStro

Fly Boy MyStro is an up and coming artist with Music in a variety of genres. He began in chorus and English Elevating his vocal and lyrical skills. As, a youth/teen he worked with the Jazz Center in Brattleboro, VT and the Young Americans, tweaking his love for the written lyrics, and Entertaining a crowd. As a young adult MyStro began preforming and traveling to NY and ATL to build and share his creations. Now he is working with a few producers, Mainly Amedaus from Platnium Boy Music. He is developing his abilities to write songs, create and lay the vocals and finally producing beats. He has his own studio In Vermont and loves to network and create with a variety of individuals.

The Love Sheep and “SHEEPX”

Since 2015 The Love Sheep have been entertaining the people of Brattleboro and the world with their silly sheep shenanigans!
“SHEEPX” is an ovine urban art exhibit steeped with spacebound science specially designed and hoof-built by the popular Love Sheep of Brattleboro thus helping fuel the imaginations of our youth with science, creativity and wonder.
This low Earth orbital spaceship/sculpture is made mostly from paper and cardboard and is launch capable of lifting a full 60 inches off the launch pad safety using compressed air. Realistic, exciting soundtracks and special effects accompany each launch sequence.
Rated “E” for everyone, The Love Sheep can be followed on Facebook and Instagram @ THE LOVE SHEEP


New England Center for Circus Arts



The New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) will offer demonstrations every 1⁄2 hour featuring advanced and professional level students. The Brattleboro based circus school attracts high level students locally and from around the world, and they will amaze and entertain you as they swing, leap and fly!


The Rear Defrosters

The Rear Defrosters are a honky tonk, country soul rock-n-roll band with a large and rotating cast of all-star players from Vermont, New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts. They are most at home playing in country roadhouses, at farm weddings, for barn dances and hoedowns, and anywhere there are cold drinks nearby.



Sandglass Theater Presents:

Fritzi’s Flea Circus children’s puppetry entertainment:
Join the mighty Fritzi, a tiny flea with a big personality, as he dazzles audiences with his talents as strongman, tightrope walker, and even get’s fired from a cannon.



Kasper and the Cow: Laugh and cheer with German hand puppet hero Kasper as he goes on a rollicking adventure to reclaim his suitcase…stolen by a cow! Performed under a big sun umbrella, this hand puppet show combines the exuberance and flair of European street theater with the sanctity of a family tradition passed down through generations.


Molly Steinmark & Friends

As a vocalist/drummer/percussionist/MC/beat boxer & songwriter, Molly Steinmark is a versatile musician; blending the sounds of jazz, hip-hop, funk and soul music. The former singer and percussionist of the bands Groove Shoes, Mo Ambesa and Dr. Reputation, Molly is now putting together her debut solo album.





Vermont’s own Va-et-vient includes Carol Reed on voice, guitar and mandolins, Suzanne Germain on voice and percussion, and Lausanne Allen on voice, fiddles, flutes, and mandolins. With backgrounds rich in French cultures and language, through lifelong experiences living and traveling in French-speaking lands, they create beautiful harmonies, teaching and engaging audiences. Since 2001, this band has carved out its place in New England and particularly in Québec, where its ties to traditional musicians provide a fountain of resources in collections of songs, tunes, and dances. Wherever they travel, they add to their répertoire of French, Québecois, Cajun, and Créole music.


We are an SATB a capella group based in Brattleboro Vermont!