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2015 Stroll Weekend Entertainers

Here are details about our 2015 entertainers. See schedule on our Weekend Entertainment schedule page.

Alan Greenleaf and the Doctor

Alan Greenleaf & The Doctor

Alan Greenleaf, guitarist and songwriter, and Jonathan Kaplan, pianist, have been playing together for more than 10 years and are one of the more unique musical pairings in Vermont. Both talented musicians and both former farmers, they blend musically and personally to give life to Alan’s original songs. Alan has been described as the quintessential Vermont song writer by Robert Resnik, the quintessential Vermont music supporter. His blues-folk-rock n’ roll influenced North Country sound covers a range of styles. His words are thoughtful, humorous, poignant and, on occasion, hopeful. His continued commentaries on the human condition remain unvarnished but they are sweeter and his insights into the workings of the rural heart seem to grow with time. Want to know what rural life in Vermont is like? ….just listen to Alan’s songs.

And lest we forget, Alan also wrote the theme for The Strolling of the Heifers more than 10 years ago. This year he and the Doctor look forward to premiering his latest song for the Stroll, Love Your Farmer!! Visit their website and Facebook page.

Brattleboro Nursery School


Brattleboro ‘Ukelele Society

Brat-Uke-LogoPresenting ‘Ukulele inspired good time music and fun! The Brattleboro ‘Ukulele Society is a group which meets the second Sunday of every month, from 12 – 2 PM, with a mission to create and foster a comfortable environment for exploring the sounds and playing techniques of the ‘ukulele. The group is open to all ages and the focus is on having fun! Check out our Facebook page!

Buddy and Harmonie


Classic Country 



If you love the sound of twangy guitars, heartfelt singing and driving rhythms you are sure to love “Classic Country.” Richard Mayer (drums), Kevin Parry (guitar) and Jumpin’ Jersey George (bass) are keeping alive the music that made country and western music an icon of American culture. From the stylized vocals of Patsy Cline, Willy Nelson and Johnny Cash to the honky tonk dance beat of George Jones and Hank Williams, Rich, Kevin and George are the real deal. Songs about love, heartbreak, gambling and hopping freight trains are what C&W music is about, and Classic Country plays them with passion.

Dan Sangels

We create original music that is lively and fresh based on classic and alternative rock. Our original lyrics are thought provoking and speak to everyone’s experiences in life. We also play a variety of cover songs ranging from classic rock to jazz and funk. Jake Gartenstein on the drums, Rob Athanasopoulos on bass, and Gabbi Walton on guitar and vocals.

Ed the Wizard

Follow Ed the Wizard through the street as he conjures up some mystical magical mayhem with his unique style of walk around magic and prestidigitation.  Be prepared to volunteer and have fun as he makes the
impossible possible right before your eyes.

Franz Robert Quartet

Franz Robert Quartet

Come enjoy some standards outdoors with the Franz Robert Quartet. The line-up this time features Frank Newton on tenor saxophone Wayne Roberts on bass and Benny Woodard on the drums. If you like jazz steeped in tradition, come check the Quartet out. Franz Robert has played The Iron Horse, Pittsfield Jazz Festival, Vermont Jazz Center, Somethin’ Jazz New York!

L’il Iguana

Lil’ Iguana Live! is a 45-minute music driven, live, interactive stage show featuring the costume character Lil’ Iguana. It reinforces crucial safety messages through themed songs, skits, and demonstrations. Children are engaged throughout the show and are encouraged to participate by answering questions directed towards the audience. Some audience members are selected to participate on stage and become mentors for their peers. Some safety topics covered in Lil’ Iguana Live! include:
Buckle-Up Your Seatbelt; Street Smarts; Wearing the Gear; Get Permission; Take a Buddy with You; Who is a Stranger.

Mad Science of Western New England

Mad Science of Western New England provides unique science experiences for children that are as entertaining as they are educational. Mad Science is celebrating its 30th year in operation, with Northampton-based Mad Science of Western New England bringing awesome hands-on  in-school and after-school programs, birthday parties, stage shows, activity booths and summer programming to children throughout the region. See our stage show at 12:30 and 3:15 Saturday at the C&S Family Entertainment Tent and visit the Mad Science Activity Tent at the Expo, where you can make slime along with other hands-on activities!

New Orleans Brass Band Project

The New Orleans Brass Band Project was founded in early 2009 by New Orleans native Pete Simoneaux, as a means of developing a community of musicians, interested in performing traditional and contemporary New Orleans style Brass Band music. This is the music of jazz funerals and street parades in New Orleans, the style that gave birth to the careers of Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, and whose lineage continues to this day in the funky, driving street rhythms of groups like the Dirty Dozen, the Rebirth, New Birth & Treme Brass Bands. The musicians of the N.O.B.B.P.  have become familiar to Brattleboro area audiences through their performances at numerous Gallery Walks, the Strolling of the Heifers, 4th of July parades, and a host of other local community events. For the 2013 edition of  the Strolling of the Heifers, the Celebration Brass Band will feature Tim Ellis on sousaphone, Ben James on bass drum, Stephen Voorhees on snare drum, Scott Sizer on trumpet, Dan DeWalt on trombone,  Jim Kurty on clarinet, Walter Slowinski, Frank Sansone & Jon Mack on tenor, baritone & alto saxes, with Pete & Linda Simoneaux serving as parade marshalls.

New Orleans Brass Band Project — photo by Zachary Stephens

New Orleans Brass Band Project — photo by Zachary Stephens

New England Center for Circus Arts

New England Center for Circus Arts will be performing all afternoon at the Expo on the retreat grounds. NECCA is a not-for-profit circus based school in Brattleboro. We welcome them back to entertain us in the air and on the ground with their annual performance that never fails too excite crowds of all ages

Nomad vs. Settler

Nomad vs Settler is a Vermont- based band creating super fresh, all original, alternative rock. Band members –Archer Parks, 14, lead guitar, Owen James, 11, bass, Jacob Smith, 12, drums and REi K, 11, rhythm guitar and vocals– played their first gig in July 2014, at Lilac Ridge Farm in Brattleboro. Since then REi K and Archer have been writing distinctive, often wonderfully complicated songs creating a sound that sets them apart from your average kid band.

Pete and Chris Amusements

Pete and Chris Headshot

Pete and Chris Amusements are New England’s ONLY Two-Man Kid’s Magic Show! They give an ULTRA high-energy performance that captures kid’s attention, and doesn’t let go!


Brattleboro a capella!

Sandglass Theatre — Kasper and the Cow


Enjoy a funny adventure with Kasper, beloved hand puppet hero of Germany, who is known for his stocking cap and audience-­engaging humor. Kasper packs to go on a journey, but before he can leave, a cow steals his suitcase. With the help of his best friend, the endearing giant Augustin, Kasper has to go on a rollicking chase to reclaim his suitcase from the cow. This show was created by Ines Zeller Bass of the Sandglass Theatre and has enraptured children and their families for 35 years. It is now proudly performed by Ines’ daughter Jana Zeller. An action packed, laughing good 20 minute piece that will warm your heart.

Santa Croce

Santa Croce

Santa Croce was formed in 2011 after six siblings performed together spontaneously at a party. The musicians; Brittany, Rebecca, Olivia, James, Robert, and Gregory, (ages 13-26) released their first CD “At the Crossroads” January 2012 through TMG Records. In February 2014, they recorded a new demo cd in Nashville, TN, signing on with grammy-nominated Mark Carmen of MCM World Media. Shortly after, MCM negotiated a deal with Sony Red for the young sibling band. While predominately recognized for their vocal harmonies, they also play guitar, mandolin, bass, hand drums, irish whistle and more.

Shoulder Narrows

Shoulder-NarrowsShoulder Narrows, a local all-male a cappella group, was started in 2004 by students at Brattleboro Union High School who wanted to sing a cappella in an independent group away from the school. They made up their own arrangements of some popular songs, and they all played with the music that they made. The nine original members have all graduated, and many moved on to sing a cappella at the college level. Today, the group sings a mix of indie rock, pop, jazz, and a little bit of everything else in between. Shoulder Narrows has long been locally recognized for being one of the four mainstay BUHS a cappella groups. Their songs use beatboxing, throat singing, vocal instrumentation, and delicious four part harmony.

The Snaz

“Never in a million years would I have guessed that fantastic voice was coming from a teenager,” reports the blog, NonHollywood, who listed the Snaz #5 favorites in a nation-wide indie-band survey. Many have thought the same upon hearing the entire super-talented, teen lineup that is the Snaz. They write all their own songs and have played them around New England for the last two years, quickly working up to renowned venues such as The Iron Horse and Radio Bean, as well as popular events such as the Green River Festival, Upper Valley Music Festival, Plymouth Music Festival, and recently, SXSW!



Spiralia is the longest running all-female student-led a cappella group from BUHS. They love to add their own creative twists to funky, upbeat tunes. The group was founded in 2007 to provide young women with a fun, musically challenging, and supportive environment in which to take charge of their own musical experiences, and it’s been grooving and rocking a cappella music ever since.

The Speckers


An old-time family trio comprised of legendary fiddler John Specker and his two daughters Lila and Ida Mae, The Speckers play traditional American music as it’s never been played before. On stage John stomps and screams, whispers and grins, crowds fall to attention, and he works them with professionalism and wit. He is truly a wild – eyed fiddling man from the hills, who plays American music the way it should be played, with heart. Crazy, crazy, heart. With the Specker family band on stage, the ordinary laws of time and gravity are suspended. Get out your dancing shoes and prepare to levitate.

Amelia Struthers

Amelia StruthersAmelia Struthers, performance artist also known as the “Dairy Godmother,” has been with the Stroll since the first heifers took to the streets of Brattleboro in 2001. Amelia is a veteran entertainer, performing throughout New England as an actress, storyteller, comedian, children’s musician, and emcee, on stage, television and radio. Since moving to Brattleboro in 2000, she has regularly performed comedy improv, and won silver and gold medals, as well as a People’s Choice Award at the 2002 International Clown Convention for best sketch comedy act. Her latest project, a CD called “All About the Heart,” highlights her musical side; Amelia and her singing/songwriting partner perform as Vermont Timbre. Amelia is an educator who lives with her daughter, Maia, also known as the Dairy Fairy and a veteran comedian herself.

Vic and Sticks & Noodle Daisy Balloon Bike



vicki & sticks fun promo

Noodle Daisy promo high def 4

Vic and Sticks is husband and wife team Vicki and Rick Ethier. Their interactive family/music show is fun for all ages, and invites the children to be part of the band! Family entertainment with songs from the “comic side of life”. They perform with a vintage/vaudeville rhythm beat on vocals, ukulele, kazoo, washboard, and more.


We are a co-ed group,  founded 12 years ago. We all go to Brattleboro Union High School, and love music. We sing a variety or music, from several different genres, as each of us has our own unique taste. We have a lot of energy, and are all very close friends.