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Strolling of the Heifers Parade Application

Got heifers? Please visit our Heifer Registration Page! All other parade units, this page is for you!

Register soon! Countdown clock to Stroll Weekend:

ParadeKidsphoto by Jason Henske

Join our 14th annual celebration of the local farms, local food, and healthy living!

Parade units will “stroll” up Main Street, from Flat Street to the Brattleboro Common, starting at 10 a.m., Saturday June 6, 2015 in the world-famous Strolling of the Heifers Parade!

As always, the Parade is a great opportunity to showcase your organization to tens of thousands of parade-watchers from across New England and beyond. We invite your participation!

We’re looking for creativity! The purpose of the parade is to excite and entertain the crowd, and to reflect our Parade and Weekend theme, which is Love Your Farmer!

So if your club, organization, school or business plans to participate, we’d like you to use your imagination: Can you create a memorable float? Do you have a fantastic musical, dance or acrobatic component? Can your marchers be costumed as farm animals or vegetables? In the application form, please tell us as specifically as possible what you plan to do to keep our crowd entertained, and especially, how you will fit into the “Love your Farmer” theme.

Theme graphic by Daniel Munzing

2015 Parade application guidelines and rules:

We will only review applications that are submitted via this online application form. Invitations will be extended to participants selected by the parade committee.

The application deadline is May 10! Apply early!

The parade instructions and staging locations will be sent along with the invitation. This will be done on a rolling basis as applications come in. If you have any questions, please e-mail parade director Richard Chapin at or call him at 802-257-9300.

We want to everyone to have a good and safe parade, so we need to make sure everyone follows a few simple rules. Please make note of the following important parade rules and be sure that your participants understand them:

Strolling of the Heifers Parade Rules

  1. Motorized vehicles are not allowed in the parade, with the exception of farm vehicles or by specific approval from the parade committee. Hay wagons drawn by draft animals or farm vehicles make great platforms for music groups or other acts that can not march.
  2. Any vehicle, float or trailer that will carry children must have railings or other appropriate restraints to prevent falls.
  3. All animals need to be appropriately contained or restrained.
  4. No dogs are allowed in (or at) the parade, since they may frighten the heifers or other animals. No exceptions, please!
  5. Please car pool as much as possible. We do not have any parking in the staging area. You can find info about our shuttle parking lots on our website and we have buses running from the parking lots to downtown.
  6. To help with traffic at the staging area, please try to park elsewhere and walk in as a group. The street will be blocked off to most traffic.
  7. Be on time to line up. Staging area will open up at 8 a.m. and everyone should be in their division no later than 9:30 a.m.
  8. Obey the commands of our Marshals; they are there to make sure you are in the proper order in the lineup. We do not want to remove anyone from the parade but we will if instructions are not being obeyed.
  9. The parade route is from Flat Street to the Retreat Entrance on Linden Street. No parade units will be permitted to enter the Common, except the heifers and other designated animals, tractors and those units directed by the Marshals. Everyone else needs to continue to the very end of the parade route at the Retreat entrance, since there will be viewers along that section.
  10. While in the parade, please keep a constant distance away from the unit in front of you. We would like 20 to 30 feet of space between units, but not more. This gives you better exposure to the crowd and they will be able to distinguish one from the other. Do not slow down and create bigger gaps; do not speed up and close the gaps too small.
  11. No throwing candy or other materials into the crowd from any floats. If you want to pass out anything to the crowd have it in pails and go along the side and hand it out.
  12. No passing out of literature of any kind. With the crowd coming to the parade from all over New England and beyond, most of the time the literature will get thrown away or become litter on the street. If you have a booth at the event after the parade, you can pass out literature then.
  13. No stopping to do any routines, unless given permission from the parade committee.

If any of these rules are not you may be asked to leave or not participate.  If you have any question, please feel free to email me at any time at or call me at 802-257-9300.

Rick Chapin, Parade Master

Got heifers? Please click here to register them.

Got something else for the parade, like a band, float, marching unit? Register below!

  • Check all that apply
  • How will your unit reflect our Parade theme, "Love your Farmer"? How will you entertain the crowd? Please give a description of what you plan to do, how many people, animals, vehicles? What kind of costumes or activities? Please note also any special requirements, and if you are going to have music in your unit.
  • Please provide a little background on your organization for use in Stroll publicity and by the reviewing stand and television MCs. What's your mission? How does it relate to the Stroll? Please provide text that is usable by the announcers without requiring editing. (300 characters max.)

PLEASE CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON ONLY ONCE! If “Submit” returns you to this same page, please review the form to be sure all required fields were completed. Your application is NOT complete until you receive a confirmation email.