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Farm/Food/Fiber Directory registration

Please register your farm, food or fiber business here to be included in our Farm/Food/Fiber directory covering the “Greater Brattleboro” region (including nearby portions of New Hampshire and Massachusetts).

If you have any questions about being listed here, please contact our directory coordinator, Judy Fink, at

Y2015 Farm/Food/Fiber Directory

  • Please enter the name by your business is best known to the public.
  • Name of owner or manager
  • Best phone number if people need information
  • (will not be shown on website)
  • Please enter a description of the farm or business — What are your specialties? What do you sell? What will people find if they visit?
  • Please provide clear driving directions from downtown Brattleboro. Mention any helpful landmarks.
  • Please describe when you are open to the public — what hours? what days of the week? all year round, or just certain seasons? And, should people call ahead?